Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dear Interior Design Loving Friend,

i first flipped through a home decorating magazine around the age of 15.

my parents were in the process of making all kinds of decisions as they were overseeing the building of our new home.

that process was fascinating to me!

i loved pouring over all the beautiful images and took to selecting various blue prints and assigning certain images to each room on the print.

ever since then i've looked forward to the day that i could begin piecing together my own dream environment into a well appointed haven to entertain, rest & renew.

however, i think that habit has contributed to on ongoing issue...

i fear i may have decoration a-d-d. ;)

i am attracted to SO many different styles and color combinations.

when it comes to organizing solutions, i am quite decisive, yet when it comes to feathering my nest it's a complete waffle-fest.

my current dilemma?


neutral or colorful?

playful pattern, geometric print, or classic solid?

do i choose a color that compliments or contrasts other colors in the room?

then, there is the additional dilemma that i'm extremely frugal.  We've spent the majority of our marriage pinching pennies while hubby pursued his various degrees and we've also got a few long term goals we're saving for as well.

AND, we know that we'd like to purchase new living room furniture in the future so I have to consider not only what curtains would look nice with our current furniture, but also what will work with future furniture (because, of course due to my frugality i would not want to have to be in the position to purchase new curtains after new furniture).


a few weekends ago i thought i had found THE curtains.

a fun & whimsicle print in a contrasting color. with a VERY affordable IKEA price.

i was uber confident and excited about them until the hubby was a bit iffy on them.

then, after looking at them for a few days (and after reading this post from the handmade home) i'm fairly certain they will be going back to the store.

i think that because i feared the 'buyers remorse' that ashley described experiencing, i instead opted not to commit to anything at all.  frozen in my frugality.

i don't want my extreme frugality to trump thoughtful design that i truly feel proud of and confident that it exudes my 'style', that will be timeless and i won't feel tempted to 'upgrade' in the future anyhow. (which would be decidedly not frugal in the long run)  instead, i'm going to view these curtains as an investment - perhaps i should refer to them as 'draperies'??  :)

so, coming to that conclusion meant that it was back to the drawing board regarding curtain choices for our main living area/s.

thank goodness for pinterest boards and my existing 'home inspiration' binder.

i think i've finally settled on a few solid inspiration images to guide my purchase.

here is my color inspiration,

then, yesterday i noticed that this pic was in BOTH my binder & my pinterest collection, i decided that green was the color.  after thoughtfully considering all the elements that tie this room together to appear pleasing to me i concluded that i liked the playful patterns and bolder colors on the pillows next to the neutral base of the couch and a complimentary color on the curtains to the accent colors in the room, yet still a contrast to the wall color.

(i'll be focusing on more accent shades of blue/aqua vs. bright orange)

 soooo, since IKEA does not carry a solid green in the hue i'm going for,  i'm fairly certain i'll be making a purchase with some Christmas money at  nearby World Market for one of these:

how decisive are you when it comes to feathering your nest?

does frugality influence your purchases away from what you *really* like in favor of 'making do' with something you think will be 'good enough'?

what guides your design buying decisions?  Anyone else suffer from design a-d-d like me??


  1. Yes! Absolute ADD!! I tend to like every style I see, when it's done well, and then can't ever pinpoint exactly what I "look like." Can't wait to see how your green curtains turn out!

    1. SO glad i'm not alone! ;) one window complete - one to go!

  2. hey girl! thanks for stopping by...i'm so glad you did! i hope you are doing well. and i definitely have add when it comes to decorating... and i love pinterest help but seriously, that might make it worse ;)

    1. i know - i've come to realize that i need to look for a common theme amongst pinterest inspirations that i've collected. so glad to hear from you! :)